About Us

Established in 2013, iAM Global Education®’s Leadership team is comprised of passionate, expert educators, visionaries, and change agents who believe the world is the classroom and all students should have equal access to high quality education. Our international team is well equipped with experienced innovators, content experts, and technology gurus.

Additionally, iAM Global Education® is recognized internationally as a leader in helping schools and businesses retool their 21st Century Education priorities. From consulting to complete package solutions, individual professional development to larger scale workshops, covering everything from technology integration to cutting edge instructional methodologies, the iAM Global Education® team helps move individual educators, as well as entire institutions, dramatically forward, anywhere in the world.

iAM Global Education takes learning beyond the boundaries of books and traditional classrooms and provides students with international learning environments where they can interact and collaborate with various students across the globe. We have created a global, accredited online school that opens, closes, travels, and stays with the student no matter where they are at in the world.

iAM Global Education® offers accredited American diplomas, United States naturalization study guides, comprehensive consulting and solutions for schools and businesses to revitalize their 21st Century methods, and all manner of professional development to assist anyone in the world in achieving their dreams. The key to the life you want is at your fingertips.

iAM Global Education®: Making The World A Better Place Through Education.

Message from our Leadership Team

We live and breathe, Make the World a Better Place through Education, each and every day. As early adopters and innovators of creating and using instructional technology, we have modernized classrooms into 21st Century learning environments for over a decade. iAM Global Education leverages our expertise and enthusiasm to give our students equal access to high quality education to achieve their passion and dreams. Our supportive learning environments always stay open and are available when our students are ready and able to learn.

We look forward to having you join our iAM Global Education’s learning community without walls, barriers, or time limitations. Start your global learning experience today and reap the benefits of tomorrow. Your world. Your time. Your place.

Enjoy your learning transformation!

Mr. Shawn Huffman – Director of Curriculum & Innovation

Ms. Jeannine Woolsey – Director of Strategic Initiatives

Mr. Ian Buchan – Director of Technology