Your World. Your Time. Your Place

 Making The World A Better Place Through Education 

Your World. Your Time. Your Place

 Making The World A Better Place Through Education 

American High School Diploma

What is International Schooling-iAM Global Education ®?

 International Schooling - iAM Global Education® Center is a fully accredited, 9 - 12 online high school leading to an American High School Diploma. 

Earning a diploma from an accredited school is an important acceptance criterion for students to enter United States and international universities and colleges across the globe. 

To be successful in college, students need to be prepared for college coursework. Our college prep program and elite online Florida Virtual School (FLVS) core curriculum (NCCA certified and approved) are recognized as one of the essential acceptance requirements for colleges or universities a student plans to attend. 

The iAM Global Education® Center is an affordable, online private school that focuses on making a difference in the lives of students each and every day. 

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iAM Global Education ®

American High School Diploma


 Earn your  American High School diploma in an online flexible, anytime, anywhere, anyplace learning environment from an accredited online high school and qualified teachers.

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Professional Development


  Become an effective 21st Century educator by enrolling in online courses designed by expert 21st century teachers in a flexible, anytime, anywhere, anyplace learning environment.

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Pathways to Citizenship


  Navigate through the complexities of U.S. immigration policies and procedures by enrolling in our online study guide, Pathways to Citizenship, to increase your chances of obtaining United States citizenship.

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21st Century Learning


  Transform your traditional classrooms into 21st Century learning environments with our expert trainers and comprehensive, individualized solutions for your school.

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Partnership Opportunities


  Start making the world a better place through education in your part of the world by becoming an iAM Global Education partner and reap the benefits of expanding your course offerings, increasing your student enrollment, and achieving additional revenues.

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Why Choose International Schooling - iAM Global Education® Learning Center?

  •  An opportunity to be a learner at an international, global school committed to making a difference in the world through quality education and 21st Century learning skills.
  • High quality online curriculum leading to an American High School diploma which prepares you for U.S. and international universities and colleges across the globe.
  • A proven track record with esteemed FLVS curriculum and accredited online school as one of the essential elements for acceptance requirements for college or university approval of your application.
  • Various Advanced Placement and Honors courses to increase the rigor of your college prep program of study. 
  • Dedicated, qualified, and experienced teachers.
  • Esteemed educational leaders in the virtual learning environments. 
  • Continual academic support and professional guidance throughout the college prep program. 
  • One-on-one instruction and courses with a focus on your successes.
  • Flexible, anywhere, anytime, and self-paced learning.
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week course access from anywhere in the world.
  • High school subjects offered rigorous, American curriculum including core classes and high and various interactive electives, all leading to an American High School diploma.
  • Courses that will accelerate your learning which allows you to graduate earlier, have  you stay on track with your college prep program, or get back academically on track by allowing you to take course you need to fill in your learning gaps.

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 With International Schooling - iAM Global Education ® Learning Center, your high school education extends beyond the walls of your current classrooms and the borders of your country of residence.  

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Making Your World a Better Place Through Education

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