International Schooling/iAM Global EducationĀ® Center

Fully Accredited, Online School

 International Schooling - iAM Global Education Center is a fully accredited, online school. Accreditation is a prestigious mark of quality as it relates to leadership, teaching, learning, and resources for a school. Universities and colleges across the globe accept credit from accredited institution as part of their enrollment process.

High Quality College Prep Courses

 Experienced teachers deliver high quality college prep FLVS courses leading to an American High School diploma which are essential elements in acceptance process for college or university entrance 

Preparation for University and College Acceptance

 Students who take our FLVS curriculum have a proven track record of being prepared for U.S and international universities across the globe. Many of our experienced school leaders and teachers declare our online courses are of better quality than what they have experienced with courses delivered in traditional classroom settings. 

Exceptional Education

 Superior, one-on-one instruction focused on student success is supported by our dedicated, qualified, and experienced teachers. Our esteemed educational leaders are recognized as innovators and experts in virtual learning environments.  

Supportive Learning

 Students have the opportunity to be a learner within an international school through supportive teachers and staff. Student success and high quality learning are our primary focus.  We provide continuous academic support and guidance throughout your education experience. 

Advanced Placement and
Honors Courses

 Various Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses to increase the rigor of your college prep program of study.  

AP and Honors classes on your transcript has been known to increase your chances for college admittance to some colleges and universities. 

Transfer Credits

 International School - iAM Global Education Center may accept credits and transcripts from other schools depending on status and quality of the school.  

Customized College Plans

 In collaboration with school staff, students will have a customized college prep plan based on their needs and goals. Students can choose from a customized framework that will be able to accelerate their learning allowing them to graduate earlier, take AP and Honors track to experience a higher level of educational rigor, stay on track despite their life demands and other responsibilities, or get back on track academically by allowing them to take courses needed to fulfill their learning gaps.  

Beyond Classroom Walls

 Our flexible, anywhere, anytime, self-paced learning environments allow our students to thrive. Our courses can be accessed 24 hours and 7 days a week course access anywhere in the world.

21st Century Learning Skills

Students learn 21st century skills through rigorous online, interactive courses. 

Extensive Course Offerings

 Our course offering include 130 various high school courses including core classes, AP, Honors, Credit Recovery, and numerous, interactive electives, all leading to an American High School diploma. 


 Our course offering include 117 various high school courses including core classes and numerous, interactive electives, all leading to an American High School diploma. 


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Student Portal

 Students can track their academic progress, view calendar and announcements, and communicate with the instructor.