U.S. Citizenship Assistance

Obtaining United States citizenship can be a long and confusing journey. Nearly one million people apply for citizenship every year, and each must complete a rigorous process. The iAM Global Education® Pathway to Citizenship online guide is a low cost online study guide that can significantly help you navigate the process.

  • Always up-to-date. If policies change and, for example, move to the often-discussed merit-based system, our guide will be updated immediately at no cost to you.
  • Accessible. From any web enabled device, including your cell phone. No more carrying around a huge book. Study when and how you want.
  • Multimedia resources. Videos that describe important parts of the process for you. Unlike traditional study guides which are limited to pictures.
  • Interactive. Practice quizzes in the English and Civics portion of the interview, providing immediate feedback.
  • English Language Assistance. Portions of the guide come with the ability to hear the words read to you to perfect your accent.
  • Interview Techniques. Learn proven strategies that can help set you apart from other applicants.
  • Immigration Lawyer Support. Unique to the iAM Global Education® Pathway to Citizenship online guide is the contact information to a U.S. Immigration Attorney who can give you legal advice on the U.S. Immigration process. Extra charges may apply. iAM Global Education® receives no compensation for this service.

Sign up today for iAM Global Education®’s Pathway to Citizenship online guide, and, for the small investment of just $39.99, begin your U.S. Citizenship process today.  


Getting Started

Please contact iAM Global Education® (info@iamglobaleducation.com) for more information and to get started.